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House Passes Defense Minibus with CR

27 Sep 2018 2:00 PM | Steve Wallace (Administrator)

On September 26th, the House voted to pass a Minibus with FY 2019 funds for the DoD, Education, Labor, and HHS. The final vote count was 361-61. Notably, the Minibus also contains a CR which provides funds for all other government agencies through December 7th.President Trump is expected to sign the bill, despite signaling earlier his opposition to any bill which did not contain the funds needed to construct a wall along our Southern Border. The President has until midnight on Sunday to sign the bill, as FY 2018 funds run out on September 30th. A separate Minibus containing FY 2019 THUD funds has already been approved by the Senate, however as the House version of this second Minibus bill does not include THUD funding (along with other substantial differences from its Senate counterpart), reconciliation is required. The CR passed as a part of the Defense Minibus gives lawmakers the time necessary to come up with a final bill to send to the President’s desk.

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